Aquator Hydrotherapy

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We have become the leading developer and producer of medical therapy baths in the Baltic States with the help of the close cooperation with our partners, who keep alive the 130-year spa culture of our home country. Aquator baths are designed according to strict principles of ergonomics and functionality, which allows us to create baths that are comfortable, and where water and air massage are guaranteed to have an excellent effect. Massage equipment is installed in a manner that gives the best possible effect with the given selection and quantity, and makes the most of our extensive and long-term knowledge of the production, use and maintenance of medical therapy baths.


Hydrotherapy is probably the oldest form of therapy in the world. There is evidence that hydrotherapy was already used by the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Egyptian noblemen, for example, bathed in water that was scented with aromatic oils and flower blossoms whist the Romans built complex public baths or saunas. It has been known for a long time that hot water stimulates blood circulation and has a toning effect. Hippocrates prescribed baths in spring water to his patients and Dominican friar Sebastian Kneipp developed an entire hydrotherapy system in the 19th century and even wrote a book about his method. These principles are largely still in use alongside the contemporary hydrotherapy technology. Hydrotherapy is a highly effective form of natural therapy, which works by stimulating endorphins – the hormone that helps you control pain and alleviate tension in your body.

Hydro massage, which is a part of hydrotherapy, is now more popular and accessible than ever before. Research has shown that hydro massage is certainly more than a pleasure. In addition to making you feel good, this procedure also has several therapeutic effects on the physical and mental health. Hydro massage is effective and accessible for everyone, but the main thing is that the development of massage baths will not stop. New ideas and new technologies are appearing all the time. Controlling the baths is becoming increasingly more accurate and delicate. The effect of water will remain the same, but the procedure itself will improve considerably.

Air massage is hydro massage with air bubbles, which come out of the jets in the bottom of the bath and moderately shake large leg muscles (thighs, shins).

Hydro massage relieves stress

The pace of life in this day and age means that stress is one of the main reasons why people have to see a doctor. Stress is ordinarily regarded as irritating nervous tension that has an adverse effect and causes physical complaints. Typical stressors include mental tension, strenuous physical effort and various traumas, work pressure and cruel treatment. Stress causes head, back and neck pain, tiredness of the eyes, deterioration of concentration, anxiety, depression, irritability, high blood pressure, heart problems, and both physical and mental exhaustion. Hydro massage in an Aquator massage bath provides relief from all these complaints, as it reduces the body’s reaction to stress (muscle tension and heart palpitations) by bringing blood pressure and circulation back to the normal level.

Hydro massage reduces muscle tension

Muscle tension and the resulting pain have several causes: forced position at work, injuries, incorrect or excessive strain, bad blood circulation. All these factors may cause pain and discomfort. Anyone who works in an office is familiar with the problems caused by being seated for a long time: neck, shoulder, wrist, back and leg pain. Muscle tension and excessive strain reduce our capacity for work, or make working impossible for a short or longer period.

Hydro massage stretches and relaxes tense muscles and connective tissue, reduces friction and restores the range of motion.

Hydro massage improves blood circulation

Tense muscles cannot retain or process the necessary quantity of liquid. This results in the deterioration of blood circulation and increases the workload of the heart. This makes a person feel sluggish and weak, and causes tiredness and even pain. Hydro massage has a calming effect, it reduces pressure on blood vessels, improves blood circulation and reduces the heart’s workload. The improved blood circulation brings energy and oxygen to cells, and removes the waste created by metabolism. The massage also increases the number of red blood cells that transport oxygen in the body.

Hydro massage helps to sleep better

The tension generated by daily stress may make falling asleep difficult – you are tired, irked, irritable and neurotic. Constant lack of sleep leads the body to a condition that is very similar to alcohol intoxication. It is exhausting for the body and soon starts having an impact on the other aspects of health. Hydro massage is the natural treatment for insomnia, neurasthenia (fatigue syndrome) and vegetative neurosis. Taking a relaxing bath is also advisable when you are highly sensitive. Hydro massage relaxes muscles and calms the mind – blood pressure drops, hearth rhythm improves and breathing becomes deeper and more rhythmical, preparing you for a good night’s sleep.

Hydro massage improves the skin and complexion

Skin dryness is caused by several factors. The moisturising and protecting mechanisms of the skin weaken as you get older. Dry air is the other important factor. Relative air humidity decreases particularly in winter, making water evaporate from the surface of the skin. Your lifestyle is also important: smoking, bad diet and UV radiation also dry the skin.

Water is very good for the skin. Hydro massage opens the capillaries and skin gets more blood. Improved blood supply helps moisturise the skin, improves skin texture and reduces dryness. Some of the stimulating energy is carried on to the blood circulation and the intestines. The body gets more nutrients and oxygen, which improves the immune system.