Aquator Touch Screen Control System


The touchscreen control system created by the specialists and partners of Aquator OÜ, which makes using the massage bath more comprehensive, accurate and responsive. Extremely user-friendly.

The Big Picture (have a total overview and control of the bath's functions)

All equipment can be switched on/off and regulated, and all processes can be monitored on one touchscreen. There are no misleading submenus. The STOP button, which turns off all functions, is the biggest one at the bottom. It is particularly convenient when you finish bathing.

Simple and Clear

There is no text on the Aquator Touchscreen (ATS) and icons of different colours have been used instead. This fine nuance means that the control system can also be used without glasses – people who would not see text can still distinguish the big coloured icons.

Advanced Control

A water level sensor is installed in baths controlled with ATS, which prevents all functions, except air massage, coming on when the bathtub is empty or there is not enough water.

Hygienic blowout function

Blowout function – when the bath is not used after the water level has fallen below the pre-set level or for 20 minutes after it has run empty, the air massage switches on automatically and within 1 minute water is blown out from the air pipes in the bottom.

Uncluttered bath rim

The ATS means that all the control buttons that used to be on the edge of the bathtub are now gone.

Fits all

ATS can be used with all AQUATOR baths irrespective of the equipment installed on the bath.


The innovative ATS still has no analogues.