Aquator Pneumatic Control System

Pneumatic switch

The pneumatic switches from Koller (Austria) are the easiest way to switch the massage systems of the bath on and off. Pressing the switch the first time turns the system on, pressing it the second time turns it off. Use only when the bathtub is full of water!

Air regulator for water massage system

Turning it anticlockwise adds air to the water ejected from the water massage jets, which strengthens the massaging effect. Turning it clockwise cuts the air off from the water massage jets. Works when water massage is switched on.

Mechanical back massage switch

Opens or closes the flow of water from back massage jets when turned. Can be used to regulate the strength of water flow. Works when water massage is switched on.

Forced hydro massage with special air regulator

Makes it possible to make the water massage considerably stronger. Compressed air from the air massage blower is directed into the water massage system via a special air regulator, which allows the user to choose the suitable massage intensity.

Massage solution for children, elderly and disabled users

Water level sensors are not installed in bathtubs with pneumatic controls, which means that water massage (with the back massage turned off) can be turned on even if the bathtub is half full, which means that small children and people with heart problems, who cannot immerse their bodies in hot water, can also enjoy water massage.

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