Aquator For Design

AQUATOR Design Timeline


Hydrotherapeutic medical therapy baths for hands and feet, which represent professional medical equipment, and a multifunctional table for various wraps and mud treatments, are presented for the first time at the Moscow Health Trade Fair in 2011. 


The new logo of Aquator is introduced in 2010.
Baths Claude 170, 160 and 150, which are the next steps in the development of the popular Vincent bath and have a ‘softer’ design, better ergonomics and save more water, are completed in 2010.


Baths Marc 180, Marc 190 and Amadeo are completed for the construction exhibition in Pirita in 2008.


Aquator OÜ is nominated for the DME Award 2007 (Design Management Europe Award 2007).


In 2006 Aquator OÜ participates for the first time at the International Exhibition for Health Care in Moscow, and takes its products that are designed for professional use to the international market.
The PABLO bath that follows the same shape design as the earlier (2005) VERMEER bath is completed in 2006. Both Vermeer and Pablo win a mention at the first Estonian Design Award BRUNO contest in the same year.
The most important event of 2006 is the opening of a new showroom at Pärnu Road 110.


The new logo of Aquator is introduced in 2005.
2005 is also important for us because a partner and we open the first Aquator showroom abroad, in St. Petersburg.
We participate in the RED DOR Design Contest for the first time in 2005.
We demonstrate the prototype of the Aquator Touchscreen bath control system for the first time in 2005.
We present the Salvatore bath, the next member in the range of perfect massage baths that started with Vincent, at the Construction Trade Fair in 2005.


We introduce our Vincent bath for the first time at the Construction Trade Fair 2004. It is designed as a result of the hard work we did in the area of medicine, and very well received by people.


In 2003 we take the first steps to support the development of Estonian design and give Sixten Heidmets, who was then a student and later became the first winner of the SÄSI Award, the chance to turn his graduation project into a finished product. The result is AQ-28, project name GALENOS, a medical therapy bath that is still popular.


The bath range Côte d’Azur makes its first appearance at the construction exposition held in spring 2002. The range has also received the recognition of many of our colleagues.
The company is known as AQUATOR since September 2002.


In April 2001 we made our sixth appearance at the construction exposition in Pirita, where we showed the memorable gold, silver and bronze bath Mars, which also attracted the attention of Lennar Meri, who was the President of Estonia at the time.


In 2000 we took part in the Estonian design exposition in Helsinki.
In 2000 we also made our first appearance at the International Design Biennale in Saint-Étienne, France.
Autumn 2000 is also important because that’s when we took the first steps in the development and sales of medical therapy baths.


In 1999 we continued our activities under the trademark AQUATOR for the first time.